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Cameroon-related Videos

June 22nd, 2006 by admin

The following Cameroon-related videos are currently available:

  • Chocolat

    Available on DVD and VHS

    A young French woman returns to West Africa to contemplate her childhood in a colonial outpost in Cameroon. Her strongest memories are of the family’s houseboy and the intricate nature of relationships in a racist society.

    Starring: Mirielle Perrier, Emmet Judson Williamson, Cécile Ducasse
    Directed by: Claire Denis
    Rated PG-13
    In French with closed-caption subtitles

  • Africa Between Myth and Reality

    Available on VHS

    An upbeat, contemporary view of African life emerges in Betty LaDuke’s paintings, drawings, and etchings inspired by ten years of travel in Africa. Her experiences with village life, artist cooperatives, and artists have inspired her images, a composite of myth, magic, and reality. She transforms rites of passage and daily life experiences into vibrant, colorful rhythms that capture the essences of Africa’s rich and diverse cultures and traditions. In this video, filmed by Brian Varaday and introduced by Bruce Guenther, we are transported from LaDuke’s Oregon (USA) studio into market-places religious shrines, cummunal celebrations, women’s associations and art communities of Africa.

  • Clando

    Available on VHS

    In Clando, as in his other films, Teno hopes to show the world how government-initiated violence has become a way of life in Cameroon, where the quest for democracy has ignited great tensions and uncertainty.

  • Destination Cameroon

    Available on VHS

    This 20-minute video, produced by the Peace Corps Worldwide Schools Program, is a feel-good introduction to Cameroon which profiles three villages in different regions of Cameroon and PCV’s working in those villages. This video won an award for educational development form the National Association of Government Communicators and was produced with the help of several FOC members.

  • Afrique, Je Te Plumerai

    Available on VHS

    This 1992 film by Jean-Marie Teno is a tongue-in-cheek documentary on Cameroon’s political revolution and colonial influences thereupon. It is about 2 hours long, in French, with English subtitles.

  • SDF Propaganda Film

    Available on VHS

    The first half of this video is excerpted from a BBC special on Cameroon which was filmed just before the 1992 elections; the second half consists of political statements and footage by and of SDF party members and supporters.SDF, the Social Democratic Front, is Cameroon’s largest opposition party. NOTE: FOC is a politically non-aligned organization; Political materials are provided as a service to members without any implied endorsement.

  • Sango Malo

    Available on VHS

    This film portrays the successes and failures of an idealistic young Cameroonian teacher who tries to improve upon the entrenched status quo in a Cameroonian village.

  • Baka: People of the Forest

    Available on VHS

    An excellent National Geographic documentary about the people of the Baka tribe in eastern Cameroon, this film follows a Baka family for about a year, documenting traditional hunting and fishing, shelter construction, honey collection, and birth of a new child, as well as customs and lore of the tribe. Throughout most of the film, the Baka language is heard and translated with English subtitles.

  • Quartier Mozart

    Available on VHS

    Illustrating Cameroonian beliefs in the supernatural, this film recounts 48 hours in the life of a spirited Cameroonian schoolgirl who, with the help of a local sorceress, enters the body of a young stud so that she can experience for herself the real “sexual politics” of her Yaounde neighborhood. 80 minutes long, in French with English subtitles.

  • Peace Corps: The Power of an Idea

    Available on VHS

    Produced by World Wise Schools and the National Peace Corps Association, this 20 minute film follows the history of the Peace Corps from its founding of Peace Corps through the 35th Anniversary celebrations, with a series of film clips from each decade and around the world. One clip features Craig Benson, (PC Cameroon 92-94), who also stars in Destination Cameroon. An eight minute version is also available.

  • To Touch the World: The Peace Corps Experience

    Available on VHS

    The Peace Corps Experience: This 10 minute video features Thurman Mattheison (PC Cameroon 92-94, also known to us from Destination Cameroon) as its primary narrator. Through a series of film clips, Thurman tells his friends about his work as a Volunteer in Cameroon, about Peace Corps as an organization, and about other Volunteers’ experiences. According to its producer, World Wise Schools, this film allows viewers “to gain insights into the uniqueness of the Peace Corps as a development organization and as a tool to promote cross cultural understanding.”

Reaching Out From the United States to Cameroon

June 4th, 2006 by admin

Friends of Cameroon To Fund Four Community Projects

On June 4, 2006, the United States-based organization, the Friends of Cameroon, announced approval of four community-based development projects in Cameroon. The projects, worth 1.589.670 CFA ($3,117) funding, are located in the Center, South, East, and Extreme North Provinces, and focus on HIV/AIDS education and outreach

The projects were selected for the various methods proposed to reach out to local communities and educate the populations about the dangers of HIV/AIDS and how to protect against the deadly disease. The proposals were submitted by local organizations working in concert with Peace Corps Volunteers assigned to the areas. The projects are:

1. Healthcare Worker HIV/AIDS Workshops

Provincial Hospital, Yagoua, Extreme North Province

2. Association for the Development of Youth (ASDA)

Batouri, East Province

3. Youth Development Foundation

Makak, Center Province

4. Volunteer Counsling and Testing Center

District Hospital, Mvangan, South Province

In previous years, the Friends of Cameroon has funded more than two dozen projects, valued at more than 11 million FCFA. Projects have been located in most provinces of Cameroon and have included a footbridge in Kumba in the South West, a safe for Maga Health Clinic in the Extreme North, a beekeeping project in Njinikom in the North West, and a school for the deaf in Yaounde. Projects typically are in the health, education, and community development sectors.

“The Friends of Cameroon allows its members to stay in touch with Cameroon and the many friends that we made during our time in Cameroon,” said FOC President Bill Strassberger. “We are excited to be able to continue to support development activities in Cameroon by supporting community-based projects such as the four we recently selected.”

The Friends of Cameroon was established in the United States in 1987, and members of the group include persons who worked and lived in Cameroon as Peace Corps Volunteers, staff of the U.S. Embassy, USAID, and missionaries. The primary function of the organization is to keep members informed about Cameroon, continue to link those who served there, and to support small, community development projects in the country. Additional information about the organization and how to apply for project funding can be found on this site.


Friends of Cameroon president Bill Strassberger presents FOC funds to PCV Justin Fugo in Yaounde for an HIV/AIDS education project organized by the Youth Development Foundation in the village of Makak in the Centre Province as acting Peace Corps/Cameroon director Kim Ahanda looks on.