Peace Corps/Cameroon Italian Reunion

December 10th, 2006 by admin

We are writing to invite you to come to Italy next summer for a Peace Corps/Cameroon reunion. We are contacting those who were in Cameroon around the early 1980s. Colette and I have been living in Italy for about 12 years now where I work in the Forestry Department at FAO in Rome. For those of you who remember James, he’s now 23 and living in the U.S.

The idea is to gather in the Orvieto area of Umbria, about an hour outside Rome, using our house as the main meeting point. There are a few housing options to consider for those of you who decide to come. They include renting nearby villas or farm houses or staying at a bed and breakfast or “agriturismo”. We would organize at least a couple of get togethers (pig roasts, ndole feasts, etc.) at our house during the week, with plenty of ‘Jobajo’, 33 and whatever other traditional fare we can get hold of. There will be lots of flexibility for those who want to explore other parts of Umbria or elsewhere in Italy. We are targeting the week of July 22 – 28 as the likely time to do this.

If you know of anyone who might be interested but who may not have received this message, please feel free to spread the word to others.

Let us know as soon as you have an idea of whether you think you can make it and we’ll start to build a list of maybes, definites, or whatever.

If you need any more info at this time, let me know and we’ll try to provide it.

Hope to see a good number of you next July.

And even if you can’t make it, we’d love to hear from you anyway!

Our best to all,

Doug (PC Cameroon 81-84 РDiang/Yaound̩) and Colette McGuire
phone (H): +39 06 4543 2309
Phone (O): +39 06 5705 3275
address: Località Botto, 31
05010 Canale-Orvieto (TR)