January 3rd, 2007 by admin

Earlier today I received a call from Peace Corps Regional Director for Africa Henry McKoy letting me know that Peace Corps Director Ron Tschetter has selected James Ham to be the next Peace Corps Country Director for Cameroon. All staff and many volunteers know James from the times he served as Acting CD in Cameroon in 2004, 2005 and 2006. James is an RPCV/Guinea, was the Country Desk Officer for Cameroon for several years, and has recently been serving as a roving CD in the Africa Region. Below, please see James’ more detailed bio.

James plans to come out to Cameroon sometime in January so that he and his wife Sharoya can get their three boys into school in Yaounde. James and I will work together until the end of February when I will complete my five years as Country Director. This will help ensure a very smooth transition.

From the four years that James and I have already worked together, I know that he loves Cameroon and has been very excited about the possibility of becoming the Country Director here. Whereas Nina and I will be sad to leave Cameroon, we’ll be glad to know that my old office will be occupied by someone who couldn’t be more enthusiastic about the country or Peace Corps.

Regards to all and best wishes for a safe and happy holiday season.

Robert L. Strauss
Country Director
Peace Corps/Cameroon
BP 215
Yaounde, Cameroon
Tel: 237-220-25-34

James T. Ham
Country Director Designate
Peace Corps Cameroon

James T. Ham is newly selected Country Director for Peace Corps Cameroon. Just prior to this appointment he served as Country Desk Officer for the Peace Corps Africa Region. He was responsible for the Peace Corps programs in Benin, Cameroon and Burkina Faso. He has served in this position for two years. Among the duties that he has participated in include: the closure and suspension of Peace Corps Gabon and Chad, CD Selection Panels, PCMO selection panels, APCD selection Panels and also served as the Office of Special Services Duty Officer. On three different occasions served as the Country Director for Peace Corps Cameroon. (June – September 2004, July 2005 and March – May 2006). Other activities include co facilitated the Southern Africa Diversity workshop in Mozambique in 2004.

Prior to becoming Country Desk Officer in the Africa Region, James Ham served as the Country Desk Assistant for the nations of Ghana, Guinea, Togo and the Ivory Coast. He assisted with the evacuation of the Volunteers in the Ivory Coast and served on the State Department Task Force during this evacuation process.

Other positions served at the Peace Corps include those of Staging Director, Co-Chair Black History Month committee, member of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Observance Committee, Women’s Month Committee. Mr. Ham was selected by the Director to serve as Co- Chair of the 2005 Combined Federal Campaign for Peace Corps. The Campaign raised over 127% of its $86,000 goal.

Mr. Ham is veteran of the United States Navy. Currently he holds a Bachelor of Arts in Middle Grades Education from North Carolina Central University and in December 2005 received his Master of Arts degree in International Education from American University.

An educator for over ten years teaching in urban, rural and international settings, he is a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer where he served as a teacher in Guinea (96-98). Mr. Ham speaks French fluently and was selected to participate in the International Career Advancement Program in Aspen, Colorado in 2004.

James is married to Sharoya Ham and has three sons, Jeremiah 8, Myles 5 and Malachi 3.