Bobe Leonard passes away

April 7th, 2007 by bobebill

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April 7, 2007: I am updating this earlier post as I learned today that Bobe Leonard passed away at the Njinikom Catholic Hospital earlier this week after illness. It was a pleasure to see him last year after so long, although I would like to have met up with him again when next I visit Cameroon. He was a wonderful man who took great interest and concern of the Peace Corps Volunteers he met over the years in Njinikom, Bamenda, and whenever he crossed paths with a PCV. We all have our favorite Bobe Leonard stories, I am sure. He will certainly be missed.

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Many Peace Corps Volunteers in the North West Province will remember this man who kept life interesting as he worked with, and often for, PCVs in the ’70s and ’80s. Bobe Leonard is a titleholder from Laikom, a traditional doctor, a house caretaker, and someone who knows where to find the best palm wine in the North West. Originally from Njinikom, he has spent time with PCVs there and in Bamenda, taking pride in keeping them safe and sharing his knowledge of the area traditions. I knew Bobe in the 80s, and recently had the chance to visit with him at the Njinikom Catholic Mission Hospital, where he now works. He is older but still going strong, and has not forgotten a single PCV that he ever knew over the years. It was great to meet up with him after twenty years, and I expect that he will strong enough for many more to come. He does extend greetings to all of his old friends, and invites everyone to come back for a visit.