Looking for (R)PCV mapmakers

May 11th, 2007 by admin

Chris Delcher (RPCV El Salvador, 1998-2000) is trying to find the maps and
mapmakers of the Peace Corps. Many Volunteers are trained to make community maps
while in service. These maps range from the hand-drawn variety that live in
tattered journals to very sophisticated maps created with digital Geographic
Information Systems. Chris’ own hand-drawn maps focused on pubic health by
displaying the problem of minimal latrine coverage in his town but volunteers
from all Peace Corps programs are using maps for many reasons. No matter the
size or sophistication, if you have a map (or even a picture of you next to a
map that you have created) from your service or know an RPCV that does, please
contact Chris at cddelcher@comcast.net.

You can visit the growing collection at www.chrisdelcher.carbonmade.com