Peace Corps Partnership Project: The Multimedia Center in Mokolo

June 19th, 2007 by admin

Location: Mokolo EXTREME NORTH
Volunteer Coordinator: C. Leckie of VA
Funds Needed: $5,596.00
Project Number: 694-088

The Multimedia Center in Mokolo is partnered with the MC2 of Mokolo (a micro
credit institution), the Peace Corps, ADAF (Appropriate Development for Africa
Foundation), AFMAT (Women’s Association of Mokolo) and the community at large.
This project will benefit the population of Mokolo and the surrounding
Mayo-Tsanaga region by increasing its capacity to provide computer and Internet
usage to its cliental. The Peace Corps Partnership funds will be used to buy 6
new computers, Internet cable, one fax machine, one photocopy machine, computer
desks, chairs and basic office supplies. In addition, the funds will be used to
paint “the importance of a family budget” mural inside the Center. Our goal is
to restore and modify the existing resources and space into a functioning
Community Technological Center.

The Peace Corps partnership money is rejuvenation money. The
motivation, willingness to succeed, necessary materials (building, staff,
technological resources), expertise and action plan are already in place. The
Center is only lacking the means to realise its potential, which the Peace
Corps Partnership will fill. The MC2 and the revenue from the Center will be
used to pay for electricity, Internet service, salaries and maintenance costs.
Peace Corps Partnership funds will be used directly for the rejuvenation costs.

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