Support a Computer Lab at a High School in Gaschiga

August 22nd, 2007 by admin


This project will install 20 computers, one printer, and the necessary
tables and chairs at the francophone Lycée de Demsa á Gaschiga. Among
the students, there is an evident desire to learn how to manipulate a
computer. At the school, there are three computers, however all three
are reserved for staff use except for limited opportunities permitted
to the students.

Outside of the Lycée, there are neither public nor educational use
computers. Yet, the Cameroonian secondary curriculum includes computer
science. This year, every level was taught basic computer theory and
history, however, practical use was virtually non-existent.

With twenty computers installed, students will be able to apply the
general theories, gain hands on expertise, and become marketable
employees for a Cameroon rapidly moving into the information age.


Gaschiga is a rural mixed community of Muslims and Christians located
15 km outside of Garoua in the North Province of the Republic of
Cameroon . Cameroon is located in the crossroads between West and
Central Africa. The benefited school provides secondary education to
900 students from the village and surrounding communities.


This project is a joint initiative of school principal Mamoudou Paggo
and Harford County native Parker Bennett. Parker Bennett is currently
serving two years with Peace Corps Cameroon as an English Teacher in
the Lycée de Demsa á Gaschiga.

As a result of the collaboration, the community will contribute 25% of
the project cost, thus the community is invested in its success. The
total project cost is about $12,000, therefore their contribution is
approximately $3,000. Also, this is a grassroots project. No part of
your donation will go to the operating costs of a major organization.
Plus, the results are tangible and project will be monitored by the


To Donate:

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Mailing Address in Cameroon:

Parker Bennett, PCV
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Yaounde, Cameroon