ISO: Henry & Shirley Hamilton/ Rone Wilkerson/ Ken Benoit

August 11th, 2008 by admin

From: dobekreo wanso
Subject: Looking for my friends

Good morning Sir/Madam,

I am Mr WANSO DOBEKREO, a Cameroonian working with Cameroon Telecommunications in Yaounde. Since nearly 20 years today, I’ve been desperately looking for my Americans friends. Mr Henry Hamilton and his wife Shirley worked in my village (Doukoula, far north province) for about two years as Peace Corps volunteers (1987-1989). During their stay, we were very good friends and on their way back to America in 1989, we saw here in Yaounde as I was attending university studies. We used to write to each other until 1991 when I did not get any news from them.
I hereby ask anybody that can give me information about their whereabout. I pray they be alive and will be very happy to have their contact.

Thanks in advance.
Please email

Subject: Contact of Miss WILKERSON RONE
Morning, i’am a Cameroonian but i want the Contact of Miss WILKERSON
RONE who worked in Cameroon in 1990.
Thank you

I’m Fadimatou KOFIA from Paris, I’m trying to find a friend who was serve as peace corp volunteer in 1989 to 1991 in Cameroon.
My friend name is KEN BENOIT. He was teaching english in the north of Cameroon in Tibati. I would like to have KEN BENOIT adress or phone number or please would send him back my email adress thanks you for your comprehension.

Email: or


Fadimatou KOFIA