PeaceCorpsJournals is now REAL TIME!

February 27th, 2009 by admin

Blog: real-time blog entries of volunteers worldwide
Pictures: real-time pictures from around the world
Videos: real-time YouTube videos!

Selecting “Country” first and clicking on the small icons you can see country-specific real-time blogs, pictures and videos! (along with the usual packing lists, welcome books, and PC Wiki entries)

“Applicant” – going through the application process? So are these applicants! See their progress through the interviews, medical process, and the excitement of receiving their invitation!

Some functions aren’t working yet, in development – such as searching, subscribing for automatic updates, or automatically adding your journal; but we thought you’d like to see the new site sooner than later =)

Please feel free to explore the new site. Any and all suggestions, comments, concerns will be appreciated. We’d like to hear your opinions and suggestions. From constructive criticism, navigation, features – all are welcome! (Also looking for a ‘slogan’, any neat ideas?)

-Mike Sheppard
RPCV / The Gambia (03-05)