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April 26th, 2009 by admin

The number of PCV blogs out of Cameroon is exciting and informatice. Many include details about village life and events, and let the RPCVs take a walk down memory lane. Here are a few:

going on 27
Angel’s time in Cameroon with the PC

Kebouh and SOP
Kebouh, the cultural festival for my village of Bangou was also, in a way, my going away party. Even though I still have over three months left, the chief of the village told me I would be receiving a village ‘notable’ title, so I asked my colleagues to come support me and check out the traditional Bangou culture.

So immediately after our COS conference, a small delegation of my friends came to Bangou with me to help me celebrate my title and show their support. I have to give a special thanks to Tara from Bare, a volunteer a few hours from me who was there a day before and stayed 2 days later to help me clean. In Cameroon language she’s my “plus proche” and someone that will remain a friend even when I get back to the US.
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Tara For Peace

Koki in Manjibo for Abby’s Birthday
What you see here is koki, a traditional dish from my province of the Mbo people, made from crushed koki beans, wrapped in banana leafs and mixed with piment and palm oil, that is cooked (also see the traditional oven here) to produce koki itself! We celebrated Abby’s birthday in her village, about an hour away from my town of Bare.
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Norm In Cameroon

Work Gets In The Way
We are entering the 4th month of the dry season. The dust is pervasive and persistent. We had a shortened cold season where we suffered through the frigid 70° nights and sunny 90° days. The temperatures have begun to rise with 80° nights and over 100° days. The heat will continually increase until the rains arrive in May.
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I’m a former IT consultant from New Jersey currently serving as a Peace Corps volunteer in Cameroon. I taught computer science and English classes at a small university in the village of Nanga Eboko for two years and I am now working as a small enterprise development volunteer in Buea. This blog is a chronicle of my experiences here. I hope you enjoy it.

Small Small Catch Monkey

Agroforestry training with photos!
I recently helped organize a training in agroforestry techniques. Specifically, we learned about various types of plants that flower for 10 months out of the year (good for beekeeping!) and also feritilize the earth, how to make germoires, how to increase tenfold the production of banana and plantain trees over traditional methods, and how to obtain carbon copies of existing fruit trees. I decided to put a selection of photos from this project on my blog with explanations. I hope you find the following interesting and enjoy it!
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