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October 1st, 2011 by admin

Bamenda, the regional capital of Cameroon’s Northwest region, is a city vibrant with non-governmental organizations (NGOs), civil society organizations (CSOs), and Associations dedicated to improving the lives of Cameroonians. They work in the sectors of women and children’s welfare development, HIV/AIDS and malaria prevention, environmental protection, agriculture, business, technology, human rights, and the arts. As NGOs frequently seek ways to carry out their missions effectively and efficiently, establishing partnerships and collaborating with one another improves their work and establishes legitimacy.

The Northwest Association of Development Organizations (NWADO), an NGO dedicated to strengthening civil society in Cameroon, has facilitated NGO fairs in the past and recognizes the need to organize another fair for the Bamenda community. The goals for a proposed two-day NGO fair include: 1) increasing networking and resource exchange between NGO participants; 2) encouraging the spirit of volunteerism among the youth and general public; 3) promoting corporate social responsibility (CSR) among businesses through philanthropy; and 4) creating an NGO
directory for NGOs and local councils.

This two-day fair will be tentatively scheduled for January 6-7, 2012, at the Bamenda Congress Hall. It will be organized by members of the NGO community and motivated volunteers from Bamenda, under the advisory of a U.S. Peace Corps volunteer and a Voluntary Services Overseas (VSO) volunteer. We plan on hosting two full day sessions, including the opening ceremony, introduction of NGOs and networking hour, round table discussions, dance performances, food and refreshments, and the closing ceremony. We will be inviting authorities and dignitaries, NGOs in the Northwest and other regions, corporate sponsors, and media outlets.

The fair will have a long-term and direct impact on the Bamenda
community. NGOs have the opportunity to collaborate with rganizations from other sectors, the youth will gain work experience through volunteering with NGOs, businesses will exude more interest in the public sector, and the non-profit sector will remain connected through the NGO directory. Executing a successful NGO fair will encourage businesses to practice CSR and philanthropy efforts should Northwest community members organize NGO fairs in the future to make these efforts sustainable.

Please support my Peace Corps Partnership Program to organize this NGO fair. Any contribution will be greatly appreciated. Please visit here:


Thank you,

Carmen Chang
PCV, Bamenda

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