Ashoka Bringing Change to Africa

March 23rd, 2012 by admin

Ashoka is driving a new vision for the citizen sector— one based on individual innovators who inspire and lead everyone to be a ‘changemaker’ at some level. Ashoka’s core work is identifying and investing in leading social entrepreneurs with new ideas for social change as well as providing them with access to a global network of social entrepreneurs thereby creating an ever increasing synergy for local action and global change. After 30 years, our community of Fellows is now 3,000 strong in over 77 countries across 5 continents. Ashoka serves as a platform for collaboration and exchange, while also designing new ways for the citizen sector to become more productive, entrepreneurial, and globally integrated.

Since 1990, Ashoka Africa has supported nearly 300 dynamic leading social entrepreneurs in 17 countries who are implementing solutions at the grassroots level to solve the continent’s most pressing social problems. Ashoka Fellows in Africa are empowering people to create their own economic and civic opportunities, addressing the pandemic of HIV/AIDS and other health concerns, introducing more effective education systems, protecting the environment and natural resources, and resolving conflict. Building a critical mass of ground-breaking social entrepreneurs is an important step toward creating a vibrant and prosperous African continent.

Ashoka Anglophone West Africa would like to partner with the Peacecorps of Cameroon to identify and support leading social entrepreneurs in Cameroon. It is our belief that your prestigious organisation is in sync with our values and as such would make a valuable partner especially in the role of a nominators’ network, assisting us to discover diamonds in the rough from across your country and support them in their bid to change the world.

The link on this page is a video show casing the absolute necessity of Changemakers on the global stage and the best part of it all is that we have an opportunity to participate in finding them. Enjoy! 

If you know a social entrepreneur or have suggestions of others who would be valuable partners in an ecosystem for selecting and supporting social entrepreneurs, please contact Josephine Nzerem, Representative for Anglophone West Africa ( +234 802 308 5551)

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