FOC Friend Wins Best Male Artist Award for 2012

April 15th, 2013 by admin

The Palais de Congres was the place to be on March 30th, 2013, to witness the 9th edition of Cameroon’s Annual Music Awards, honoring the best of Cameroon’s vibrant music industry. The audience included prominent figures in Cameroon, ranging from leading stars of the entertainment industry to government ministers, Ambassadors, politicians, and stars of the music industry, past, present and future.

“C’est Notre Hollywood!” Sparkling dresses, flashing cameras, the red carpet, and anticipation in the air. There were thirteen categories of awards announced throughout the night, with many Cameroonian talents were nominated for the prestigious awards. The exciting night featured both memorable award presentations and vibrant performances by the artists. The evening drew to a heart-stopping climax when Cameroon’s Minister of Culture stepped forward to announce the final and most prestigious award, honoring the “Best Male Artist of the Year 2012.”

With suspense tugging on each word, the Minister announced the winner: Prince Ndedi Eyango, a Cameroonian musician, who launched his singing career 30 years ago. After releasing a series of best-selling albums, he toured extensively in Europe and Africa and then moved to the U.S. to expand his opportunities through performances, to study music and enhance his artistic knowledge, and produce a number of upcoming stars.

During 17 years of a music career in the U.S., Prince Eyango performed at major festivals and events in the U.S., Canada, Europe, and Asia, quickly becoming the truly international star that his fans knew him to be already. He was the headline performer for the Friends of Cameroon gala celebrating Peace Corps’ 45th anniversary, and a longtime supporter of FOC. Prince Eyango returned to Cameroon as an American citizen, with one goal–to bring his U.S. music knowledge to expand his career as a musician and producer, and to promote the vibrant culture and musical talent his country of birth, Cameroon. Recognized when he received Cameroon’s Artist of the Year Award in 1987 with his major hit, “You Must Calculer,” he has hit after hit in the years since, and released his latest hit album, “Appelle Moi” in October 2012. With this latest honor, musical historians are certain to note Prince Eyango for his lifelong achievements, just as his fans have done for years!

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