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May 11th, 2013 by bobebill

Dear Friends of Cameroon RPCVs:

Greetings from the Peace Corps’ Office of Third Goal and Returned Volunteer Services! We are excited to be collaborating with RPCV groups to encourage participation in Peace Corps’ Third Goal, sharing world cultures with Americans. As such, we are happy to distribute the following message from the Friends of Cameroon:

‘Greetings from the Friends of Cameroon

Our RPCV group is committed to helping Americans better understand the cultures where we served, and we would love to connect with you to pool our collective efforts in furthering the Peace Corps’ Third Goal. Several of us came together in 1987 for just that reason, with the idea that together we could stay in touch with Cameroon and each other, and be able to share our experiences with others in the United States. I am proud to note that we have supported more than 40 village-based development projects, large and small, in all ten provinces worth more than $35,000. All of these funds were raised by Cameroon RPCVs, and every project has had PCV involvement and collaboration.

We hope you will reach out to us via e-mail links at , or check our website to learn more about activities and projects: . Feel free to share what you have been doing on our website also. We are always open for new members, and the Board of Directors is due for refreshing, which would allow you to take an active role to ensure Peace Corps’ Third Goal is going strong between the United States and Cameroon.

Thanks, and we look forward to hearing from you.

Bill Strassberger (Njinikom/Bamenda, 1982-86)
President, Friends of Cameroon

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