Staying in touch with Cameroon when you are back home

January 27th, 2015 by bobebill


Many Cameroonians are resident in the United States and have formed cultural associations. They are welcoming to Returned Peace Corps Volunteers, and many have annual conventions and festivals that bring aspects of the cultural together, such as food, dancing, and more. The All Cameroonian Cultural and Development Foundation (ACCDF) is the umbrella organization that coordinates and organiozes activities for all Check them out at:

The ACCDF Inc. is an IRS 501(c)(3) non-profit public foundation registered in the State of Maryland, USA. Cultural education and appreciation influence economic growth and advance a rewarding intellectual, emotional, moral and spiritual life of a people. Community development is a collaborative and facilitative process undertaken by the community that shares a common purpose of building capacity. The All Cameroonian Cultural & Development Foundation (ACCDF) combines cultural sustenance and community development to promote understanding, social cohesion and peace among Cameroonians, collaboratively planned and led initiatives, and external partnerships to enhance resource development. ACCDF’S overriding objective is to maintain and improve positive professional, cultural, social and economic engagements in order to enhance the quality of life in the Cameroonian Diaspora and to assist in the transfer of brain gain to our motherland and Africa.

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