Pidgin English

September 18th, 2015 by bobebill

Pidgin manual lessons 1-6

Have you ever wanted to learn Pidgin English? When I entered Peace Corps in Cameroon, we underwent more than three weeks of introductory Pidgin before we were posted. The manual may have been updated by now, but David Bellama’s team did a great job getting it started. Click the button next to “Have” and download the first six chapters.

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    Bobe Glenn Says

    Huskayn palaba dis? Husay “Have” de? I no de fayn no noting. No de mek Sassy fo hya Bobe David!

    Bobe Glenn

  2. 2


    I think it say: Who can speak this? Who says I have this ? I’m not making anything. I don’t make sausage ? for mister David? I never studied pigeon, so speak only bits I picked up. However, when in Sibley Hospital there were several Camerounians who came to work. They were astounded when they heard the white man greet them in pidgin. And they were very pleased to learn that pidgin English is not b
    ad English or broken English and that it is real language with rules etc. Best to all. Max

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