Chop Fayner – New Edition

October 4th, 2015 by admin

Welcome to Chop Fayner, the new and revised Chop Fayn (we don’t claim to be original). As with the last edition, the profits will go to support the PC Cameroon Gender, Youth, and Cameroon committee’s endeavors. We hope to have included a wide enough range of recipes to suit most PCVs. This time around, we have tried to favor interesting recipes for non-cookers, for PCVs who live in places where there’s almost nothing to buy, and for people without ovens.

If you live in a village where gas is rare and food variety rarer, you can still make tasty stuff by buying the herbs and spices listed here. If you have food and fuel available, you might want to add an interesting cookbook from the States to your Chop Fayn collection. The Silver Palate series is good, as is Mollie Katzen’s. For fat- and cholesterol-conscious people, The New American Diet Cookbook is good, basic, and contains a wide variety of recipes.

We would like to thank all who contributed time and/or ideas to this project. The cover was designed by a student, Ibrahim Ahmadou, in Bertoua. Glen Torbert, thanks for allowing us to use recipes from Clueless Gourmet. Thanks to Stephen Bobenhausen for all of your fancy typing. Jen-O (Mattison), you’re a life-saver for doing all that thorough editing. Comic Dr. Bunker, you are our font man. Thanks so much!

Thanks again for supporting women and youth in Cameroon by buying Chop Fayner. The cookbook is an on-going project, with revisions about every two years. Please let the editors know, through GYC in Yaoundé, if there is anything that you would change or suggest for the next edition.

Good Luck!

Andy Kerrigan Karen McClish Hope Neighbor Karen Reed

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